I have never been so surrounded and so alone at the same time. After finding out my oldest son Aiden has a Brain Tumour I started to post a couple of updates onto my Facebook account for family and friends. As the days pass and the reality of my situation sinks in I try to reach out and find others in similar situations as me, try to find resources to help me understand. Maybe I am looking for confirmation that I am doing the right things, or that what I am going through really does happen. I decided to start this blog to document the journey and possibly bring clarity to myself and hopefully give insight and support to other parents, family and friends whose children have been diagnosed with a brain cancer – Medulloblastoma.

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  1. There are times when we may grumble and complain what we are going through in life. We will often say life isn’t fair. Then you read what someone else is going through and you feel a lump rising up in your throat thinking a young child like Aiden should not have to go through this kind of illness. Even though you do not know us personally, we want to assure you that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Josh and Aiden. We do believe God is in control and hopefully He will wrap His strong arms around you and your family giving you confidence that everything will work out.

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