Air raid from every angle, battlefield on all sides

It seems attacks are on, everything that my heart finds.

A heart once full of sunshine, rainbows and innocence

Now holds together with duck tape, glue and a sad stitch.

My heart still beats with little cracks, pieces chipped and shattered

This merry-go-round of insanity, it just keeps going round and round

How many more stones must I carry, before I am totally drowned

I dream of a utopia, even a mirage in the desert will do

a drink of water please to cure the incurable thirst.

I wish I knew the destination, I wish I knew the master plan

I tell myself to take a breath, and try to place no blame

Do not look back, do not regret, this is the challenge here

I learn one more step, thats all that I need, then one more to build some strength

To carry on when all seems lost, and live each day with hope and grace

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