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This week has been trying in the news and has impacted me more then I can really explain. How can I feel such emotions for people I have never met? The news of Johnathan Pitre left me in sobbing tears as I pictured his mother by his hospital bed everyday and the familiarity just hit me way to hard; the loss after such a long hard fight, the fatigue of war. Everyday the toll from #Broncos crash climbs and my heart bleeds for those family’s. The shock, no warning or time to prepare. On social media I have been following a little girl, Holly, who after 3 years battling brain cancer stopped treatment and made it her mission to spread the message #happinessiseverywhere . I messaged her mother today thanking her for sharing her story and how much it has helped me. I have replayed these situations in my head so many times with a million questions floating around. I think of all these stories and at first heartbreak and devastation poured out through tears but the more I thought about it the more it made me realize that these children and families have really left this world with a beautiful message. Their stories have been shared and have created a movement and not one of sadness but one on how precious this life is. A movement about helping others, having empathy, seeing happiness in the small things. This world and all these situations are hard to understand. The pain in this life is unbearable at times. I myself have gone through stages of bitterness and anger but I have also felt such love and seen amazing beauty. It has taught me that every day is truly a gift. Take every moment in like a deep inhale of air. Try to just be a good person with a pure heart. There is no crystal ball, no road map of what will happen next and sometimes you can plan and prepare all you want or sometimes a slap shot takes you by surprise but you have two choices: You can let the bad times over take you or you can rise up and let it make you a stronger person. I can guarantee you the more you focus on the positives the more you will see there is more sunshine then darkness in this world. #JerseysForHumboldt

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