Wishes Work Wonders

Last year as Aiden and I hung out at SickKids Hospital in Toronto one thing that kept us occupied was dreaming of wishes. I had been contacted from Make-A-Wish and Children’s Wish just before Aiden started his Chemotherapy. I remember asking what qualified Aiden to have a wish, the answer being Brain Tumours and Leukaemia are two cancers that automatically qualify for a wish. There was no particular reason we choice Children’s Wish to Make-A-Wish they are both amazing organizations in what they do. I forget how I told Aiden he would be getting a wish but I remember him lighting right up. I explained to him that there was an organization that wanted to


grant him a wish because he had been through so much hard stuff and he deserved something fun and amazing. He had just started being able to talk again at this point as I remember we were discussing wishes and the case worker came into our hospital room. Aiden was very excited to tell her he had a wish. She asked what his wish was going to be and without missing a beat and a HUGE smile he said a baby brother! We all cracked up and I said not a baby sister? you already have 2 brothers! We joked around and he went on to say wish for more wishes, all the toys in the world and much much more. I don’t know how he finally came to decided on Legoland/Disneyland. I had tried to explain to him that they were two different places but at this point he was right into chemo and still suffering a lot of the aftermath from the brain surgery, I wondered if he fully understood what was happening a lot of the time.

We watched videos on You Tube with Disney and Legoland but mostly the Legoland hotel and he had decided this was where he wanted to go. I told him that when he was finished his treatment and he was feeling better and had more strength we would go. It gave him something to look forward to and also a motivation on the days he just did not want to do his therapies. Aiden had difficulties talking and just socially still but he would tell people about him having a wish, almost like a confidence booster or a conversation starter when he could not really say much. Sometimes he would tell me to tell them about his wish. Those days in the hospital were hard everything was so different and it was depressing trapped inside 4 walls day in and day out. It really gave us all something to look forward to.

I filed out the paperwork and questioners. Aiden’s favourite colour, sport team, and of course his wish, Legoland/Disney, and mailed it in. I had talked with the organizer on the phone and said that I would want to wait till he was out of treatment and feeling better. You don’t realize how much social interactions revolve around meals and I really wanted Aiden to have at least some appetite back as well before we went. How can you go to an amusement park and not eat cotton candy and ice cream and all other kind of goodies. I just wanted him to have the best experience ever. September I received a call asking if we wanted to do Aiden’s wish this winter as it books up very fast in the peak season. We had just gotten home and Aiden was still very unbalanced, weak and unable to eat I said we would like to wait till next year when he had more strength back. “No problem just let us know, he has 5 years or until he turns 18 to do his wish”  the sweet lady on the phone told me.  “Ok that’s great thank you” I replied.

Let’s fast forward…

This Christmas it was decided we would surprise the kids with Aiden’s wish. I wanted IMG_0489to make it extra special. After a little bit of Pinteresting I decided to do a scavenger hunt Christmas morning for them. Christmas Eve I frantically messaged my Dad and couple friends… did anyone have a big box? I wanted the boys to find a huge box and when they opened it balloons would pop out and then BAM! We are going to Disney! Unfortunately, no one had a box big enough for the jumbo helium balloons I had picked up that day. So me being resourceful and having done all my Christmas shopping online this year I spent the next 2 hours building a big box and trying to get the balloons to really fly out when the kids opened the box lid. Finally my box was complete and I was very excited! Christmas morning came and the kids were already beaming with excitement. My dad had come down the night before and it was very nice having “grandpa” there for this extra special Christmas. Josh came over in the morning to see the kids open their Santa Gifts and also surprise them with the wish trip. After all the presents were opened I told the kids we had one more surprise and gave them the first scavenger hunt clue. It was so much fun watching them run around the house and at one point they went to look behind the curtain where the box was hiding before the final clue and I jumped and pointed them in the other direction. Finally, they found the box and opened it… the balloons did not fly right out as I had planned but it was still awesome as they dug to the bottom of box to find Lego, Olaf , swim shorts and a page that said 4 days till Disney!You can watch the video here: https://mamaoutpost.com/videos/ IMG_6582

To Be Continued:





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