You do not know how far you have come until you look back. I am so amazingly proud of Aiden and all he had gone though. Everyday he is not only fighting to beat this cancer but to get back his ability to walk, speak and eat again. Over the last couple day Aiden has communicated that he wants to look over some of his old videos so I decided to put this together for him. Looking over the videos in the past has helped him get out of some dark places when it just seems like to much. Even for myself being with him everyday these views of the past and how far he has come have helped so much. This post was just going to be the video of Josh and Aiden the first “walk” back in Almonte and Aiden and myself today but as I started going through more videos it became so much more. It truly makes be believe there is no other option but beating this Cancer. All I can say is FUCK CANCER!