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A hard slap of reality, I had almost convinced myself that Aiden would not lose his hair…. for some reason I thought since he was born with so much hair his hair cells would overcome the radiation. I know this may sound silly…. I am pushing down the tears and making jokes to get Aiden to laugh protecting him a bit longer, quickly hiding my hand, hiding the truth as I rub the #Aquaphor down his spine and scar on back of head from surgery like we do every night….but this is not like every night… this is hard… this is real

November 19th, 2016

6 months old and had to cut his bangs 3 times! He reminded me of a “Beatles”
First week at home, pretty comfy… silky black hair I questioned whose baby this was he reminded me of a Eskimo
Minutes Old

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  1. All children should have a mother like you, Stephanie, Your strength and grace in the face of such hardship is amazing. Praying for you and all of your family.

  2. I can’t even fathom the world in which you have been thrown into, and how painful this journey is as a Mother. I do hope you take comfort in knowing that there are so many people, some whom you have never met, quietly sending you strength and positive thoughts as you get through your days.

    Thank you for sharing this journey.
    Stay strong Mama Outpost!

  3. Be reassure his hair will grow back……as you have seen mine has
    Be well and know we all have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

      1. It is always so much more reassuring to hear from people who have also gone through this. It’s hard to believe everything the doctors say they tell me the text book but I need to hear what it really feels like or really looks like…hard to explain

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