Happy Thanksgiving Weekend​​

Although our thanksgiving was unlike any other we were able to spend it all together at the Ronald McDonald House. It was the first weekend we were all together since we first came to Cheo Sept 16th. There was so much to be thankful for. We had lots of laughs, great visits from family, and the house put on a whole turkey dinner with all the fixings (and no prep or clean up. Only difference from being at home would be the wine was missing) It was a bit getting use to the change and figuring out logistics of being here with young kids but we did very good and had an amazing weekend. We have 3 amazing boys, all unique and special in their own ways and I have never been so Thankful for family.

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Thank You

Aidens passing has been incredibly difficult but a lot less difficult because of the love and support we have receive from family, friend and community. Thank you to everyone who has sent meals, condolences, and donations so I can take this time I need now to grieve and take care of myself and beautiful blended family. I am so incredible grateful for the support we have received.

Stephanie (aka MamaOutpost)

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