Move in the Right Direction

The morning consultation: quite whispers outside the door, a peek in, a glance in our direction. Same questions every day, can you open your eyes, can you move your foot, checking of swelling, checking of fluids, checking, checking, checking…. BUT today is different today they say he can move upstairs! It is a small step to some but in my world right now it is huge! It means he is improving. It gives me hope that MY AIDEN will return the witty, smart and strong boy who questions everything with his inquisitive mind. Although he is tentatively booked for a surgery Wednesday for a permanent shunt to regulate his spinal fluid it is not 100% that he will need it. He took his feeding tube out again somehow last night (4th time) so they are going to push to get physio in here to start working with him on swallowing and hopefully sitting up. He is a fighter and keeping the surgeon on his toes. The surgeon says he goes to bed with one plan for the morning but then gets here and Aiden surprises him with something new! Yes that is my boy! They say Wednesday at the earliest we will find out the “name” and things might change again but for right now it is a WIN!

Thank You

Aidens passing has been incredibly difficult but a lot less difficult because of the love and support we have receive from family, friend and community. Thank you to everyone who has sent meals, condolences, and donations so I can take this time I need now to grieve and take care of myself and beautiful blended family. I am so incredible grateful for the support we have received.

Stephanie (aka MamaOutpost)

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